Your biggest groupie

You want to distribute your music online;

But everything feels a little impersonal?

Maybe a little bit too expensive?

Perhaps your favourite platform's future is uncertain?

Come help build your platform.

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Can I see Commotion?

Of course —

Who is Commotion for?

Artists of all genres; everyone's music is welcome here.

How much does Commotion cost?

The short answer is "very little". The longer and honest answer is that finding a fair pricing model is a work in progress. Providing a music distribution service isn't free, and we'll certainly have to cover hosting costs. There's a fee collected by our payment processor that varies depending on your country, and then a nominal fee collected by us for providing the service.

How do I get paid?

Commotion integrates with Stripe so that you can receive payouts directly in your bank account.

Can I bring my own domain?

Please do! We encourage all artists to use their own domain. The goal is to put your name center stage, not ours.

What's next for Commotion?

Actually, the answer depends on you. Artists are our lifeblood; we're going to prioritse what you tell us is important.

How do I join?

Please get in touch